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Ankeny High School Participated in a very Explicit Program at the end of the year GSA Celebration.

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National Sex Education Curriculum!
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Inappropriate Books in School 

The Iowa Mama and Papa Bear


Kimberly Reicks, aka Iowa Mama Bear, is the founder of Freedom Over Fear and Iowa Mama Bears 

Kimberly is an accidental activist. A dedicated stay-at-home mother and homemaker, Kimberly and husband Jonathan were happily raising their seven children. Kimberly had no intention of becoming a freedom activist but when schools began to re-open in Iowa after the shut-downs, she became embroiled in a battle when her six-year old daughter’s elementary school segregated her from others. Despite having a medical exemption to be mask-free, the school did not respect their daughter’s rights and freedoms but rather targeted, bullied, and emotionally abused their kindergartner. 


Unable to sit back and do nothing, Kimberly fought back.  As one of the dynamic duo known as Iowa Mama Bears, she helped get a law passed in Iowa to take masks off all kids, K-12. Since then, six other states quickly followed and banned masks in their public schools. She also helped overturn six seats in her city in the last election: mayor, two city council and three school board seats are now occupied by freedom-loving patriots. 


Kimberly was recently recognized by General Michael Flynn’s America’s Future organization and received the “Fearless Fighters for American Values” award. 

Kimberly continues to fight against the corruption that is indoctrinating our children in the public school system. Recently, she was successful in having the book, Gender Queer, removed from the school district’s libraries and is currently working on removing other inappropriate books. 

Kimberly also exposed that her school had hosted a Drag Queen event in which a 21-year old male exotic dancer performed in front of children as young as 12. She is now working with legislators across her state to have a law passed which would protect minors from exposure to Drag Queen events. 

 Kimberly and Jonathan, rooted in their faith in Christ, are unified and determined to overcome the divisions that the far left radicals are forcing onto our country. 

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